5 Reason to stay in Cottages in Ooty

1. Value for Money

Staying in Cottage is the cheapest option in Ooty. You can find different variety of cottages in different budgets. Cottages are budget friendly since the cottages are run by families and local people. Cottages are the ones dont have to pay the luxury tax, so its normal for cottages to be cheap. Also for the amount you are paying for cottages the facilities you get is equal to the luxury hotels. so staying in cottages worth your hard earned money.

2. Flexibility

In hotels and resorts there are rules and regulations you should follow. But in cottages its not that case. You are the boss around and you can do whatever you like do at any time. Again the things like campfire and music can be leisurely done in cottages which is not allowed in hotels.

3. Location Advantage

The hotels are not allowed to be built in jungle areas or in the middle of the tea plantation.
But the cottages and homestays are available in the jungle areas and plantations. THe location of the cottages are just perfect for enjoy the views and stay away from the town’s noise.

4. Home Like Feel

Unlike hotels or resorts, cottages will give home like environment for kids and families. They can freely roam around and enjoy the surroundings. Also some cottages comes with kitchen for you to enjoy home made food. It is very useful when you are travelling with toddlers.

5. Privacy

Last but the important part is the privacy you enjoy in cottages cannot found in hotels or
resorts, where its always crowded. In Cottages, you can do your own thing with your family
without spoiling your privacy. So the best accommodation for families and kids are to stay in Cottages when you go to Ooty.

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