Badagas Ooty

Badaga is one of the special tribe groups living over the nilgiri Mountains. They have their set of rich set of conventions and customs.Now badaga is the biggest tribe group living in Ooty.The primary occupation of the individuals in this group is agriculture.Badaga houses are captivating and customary structures. The houses depict the wealth of the society and the heart of the people.Their friendliness is simply amazing.hethai Amman is the principle goddess of the Badaga individuals and the hethai celebration is a real celebration for them.Badaga dance is the highlight of the festival.Dance assumes a key part in all Badaga capacities, celebrations and actually for death funeral as well.Badaga wedding has the fascinating traditions and conventions. Badaga group is one of the most established tribal group in Ooty. In spite of the fact that farming is the primary occupation of the individuals, now you can see individuals sparkling in all fields. Numerous have additionally moved to towns for different callings.