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Beautification of Ooty Attractions.

Ooty season 2014 is round the corner and the local Ooty government is gearing up for a show. The government is spending lakhs of rupees in the beautification of its main attractions like Botanical garden, Rose garden, Boat house and other hot spot visitor attractions. so if everything goes on plan then Its going to be a beautiful fantastic summer for Ooty.

Nilgiri History Museum ( John Sullivan Memorial )

It is located in Kannerimukku Village, Kotagiri. Now the Nilgiri Documentation Centre (NDC) is functioning in the building and running the museum. This museum has the largest collection of information about Nilgiris. The museum is open for visitors. The museum open daily at 10am and closes by 5pm. A small admission fee of rupees 10 collected for entry.

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Man Eater Tiger Shot Dead

The tiger which terrorizes the Ooty residents for the last three weeks has been shot dead. This is a very happy news for the locals. The local people were living in fear and stayed in-house for almost 3 weeks were relieved. The tiger killed 3 people in the villages near doddabetta. Special police forces along with forest officials were hunting the beast finally shot the tiger last night when it was hiding in a tea plantation. So the tiger was killed and another tiger killed in India.

Founder of Ooty

John Sullivan is the founder of the Ooty. He was born in the year 1788 and served as a Collector of coimbatore in 1817. He founded the mountain town Ooty in the year 1819. He built his first stonehouse in Ooty on 1822. He also created the Ooty lake in year 1823. This popular man is died in the year 1855 in England.

Pongal with Foreigners in Ooty

The four day pongal festival concluded in Ooty. The closing ceremony is a grand event participated by visiting foreign tourists, local tribes and government officials. The event is held near the lake and organised by Department of Tourism and local district government. Local trides showcased their dance and music talents which attracts the crowd.

Low Profile Pongal in Ooty

This Pongal holiday 2014 is kept as low profile in Ooty. It is because of the Tiger fear, many remains inside house. The villages near doddabetta and surrounding areas remain closed with minimum outside activities. The search for the Tiger is still on. The local people here are on daily wages and they are struggling for money and food since they are not able to go out for work. The forest officials are hoping to catch the beast as quick as possible but finding and hunting the tiger in the hilly region is not easy. This tiger has killed 3 people so far.

Ooty Man Eater Hunt !

Ooty is gripped with the fear of roaming man eater. It might be a tiger or leopard still not clear. Schools are closed and forest officials are trying to trap the beast. But it is still out at large. Popular tourist spot doddabetta and nearby villages are closed for tourists. It already killed 3 people is the terrifying fact.