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Horticultural Research Station, Ooty

Established in the year 1988. This Research station is opened to develop new production technology among temperate fruits. Alod this station helps in developing new species for farmers to increase their income. Apart from this the important task is to implement oraganic farming among farmers. Another objective of the station is to control disease among hill crops. The main crops of this station is Potato, Cabbage, carrot, Beans, Medicinal/aromatic plants, Cut flowers and mushroom. The station also have following departments Horticulture, Agricultural Entomology, Plant Pathology
and Plant Nematology. They also have a well managed lab for idenfication of pests and diseases.

Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor, Ooty

It is a Non-profit charitable organisation working in the production of antirabies vaccine. This Institute is started in the year 1907 and brought under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 1977. The Institute is recognized by Dr. M. G. R. Medical University and by the Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. The Institute has a large library with thousands of books and journals. It is also one of the best libraries in South India. Visitors need a special permission to visit this institute and it is close to the famous SIMS Park.

The Radio Astronomy Centre (RAC), Ooty.

Located in beautiful place, this research centre is the part of the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). This research centre is doing research on radio astronomy and astrophysics. The centre is working for more than 40 years and has produced many important astronomical results. Every year this research centre is visited by many schools, colleges and public interested in astronomy and astrophysics. RAC is also offering research trainee positions for engineering background students.

Defence Service Staff College, Wellington

This college is a training centre for Indian armed forces. This college is one of its kind where all three services Army, Navy and Airforce are trained. Located in wellington near Ooty this college is started in the year 1947. The motto of the institution is Yuddham Pragya which means To War with Wisdom. The surrounding area of the college is very beautiful with lush green tea plantations and small streams. The college is headed by the COMMANDANT and well supported by BGS and SO TO COMMANDANT.

Wellington Gymkhana Club Golf Course

It is one of the oldest golf clubs in India. Established in the year 1873. Located 6000 feet above the sea level and just 30kms away from Ooty town. This place is very beautiful since many people from abroad prefer to visit the club. The club is located in the military area and having facilities like bars, restaurants and cottages. Apart from golf the club has facilities to play tennis, billiards and cards. The club is affiliated to various clubs across India and also to stoke park club, England. One of the must go place in Ooty for golf lovers.

Ooty Weekend Break

Ooty is a perfect place for weekend break. Ooty can be covered and enjoy the most of the town in couple of days. Ooty is located in great place so that it can be reached in all kinds of transport. Good transport facilities and good roads make weekend breaks possible. Ooty can accessed from cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Tirupur and Wayanad for weekend. All this cities are not very far and have all the road access to reach Ooty in few hours time. People from this cities can enjoy weekend breaks in Ooty.

Many travel agencies and tour operators in this cities arrange quick solutions for weekend Breaks. Accommodation and Travels can booked in short time. So that the travel to ooty in short notice is possible. Car ride is also possible because of good roads from all the near by towns and cities. And again commercial vehicle tourist tax is low compare to elsewhere in South India.

Most of the sightseeing places in Ooty are closer and can be seen in 2 days. Taxis and jeeps are available in good number for sight seeing trips. Facilities like restaurants, banks and hospitals are there for the time of need. Whatver your motive of travel, either sightseeing or a relaxing weekend break Ooty is perfect for that. And most importantly Ooty is one of the cheapest place for weekend break in India. What are you waiting for pack the bags for next weekend.

Summer in Ooty

Ooty is the best summer destination in South India. People come to Ooty from all parts of India to enjoy the nature and the weather. Ooty is considered by many because of easy transport options and accommodation facilities. Apart from these, there are wide range of attractions to mesmerize people. Then the weather during the summer is perfect shelter for people struggling in hot sun. Though there are many hillstations in South India but still Ooty is unique and popular.

During the summer months of April and May it is crowded with all kinds of visitors. Even the traffic in the mountain route is jammed and people need to wait for hours to reach the town. Accommodation facilities are jam packed and the rates are sky rocketing. Restaurants and tourist attractions are full of people and create festival atmosphere around the town. Taxis and jeeps were running everywhere with people for sightseeing. Its all fun for the new comers to the Ooty.

Then the summer festival which is the main attraction for the crowd. Summer festival includes several exciting events like flower show, fruit show, boat race, dog show and cultural events. These events are one of the best in the category across India. The flower show is world renown and Ooty is housefull during flower show times. Its hard to find accommodation during these summer festivals.

Activities like boating, horse riding, fishing and trekking will be organised during the summer. People in groups participate and enjoy the activities. Places like race course and golf course are another areas where you find loads of people. Huge business for holiday properties in Ooty. Overall its party time in Ooty during the summer. But every year summer Ooty is getting little more dirtier.

Man – Tiger Conflict in Ooty

Recently a tiger has been shot dead in Ooty. The tiger has been shot because it became a man eater and killed 3 people from Ooty. How did this happen ? why a tiger need to jump into the settlements? What is reason for tigers becoming man eaters ? so many questions has been unanswered. Recent times so many wild animals come in to the town and causing danger to human life. Normally the tiger lives inside the deep forest and afraid to enter the region where the humans live. The surrounding area to Ooty is dense forest formed by the western ghats mountians which is home to many wildlife including tigers. Again the Ooty also borders with the Mudumalai tiger reserve.

Recent past one or two tigers has been caught or killed every 3 months. It is because of tigers coming to the settlement areas like gudalur, doddabetta, kalhatty and masinagudi. The wildlife experts were saying this is because of people started to grab the tigers land. So many resorts and holiday homes were built inside the jungle area to enjoy wildlife. In the past governement also gave permission to property owners to built their properties in many buffer zones. The people staying close to jungle started to disturb the wild animals by going safaris and trekking inside the jungle. These cause a disturbance to the normal life of the tigers.

Then again the poachers and illegal hunters chasing the tigers from their natural home. Another reason is tigers travel long distance for finding water during the summer season. One side the tiger population is growing in india and another side tigers are getting killed for entering the human settlements. This will not end soon unless goverment take necessary action.

Doddabetta, the highest peak in Ooty

Doddabetta is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ooty. People come here to enjoy the great views of the Nilgiri Mountain. It is the highest peak in Ooty. The surrounding areas are covered with beautiful garden for people to relax and enjoy. The place is 9 kms from the Ooty town. The roads to the peak is not good and either sides of the roads are thick forest. People need to travel in safe vehicles to reach the place. Recent tiger scare in this area is the pefect example about the areas near doddabetta.

The peak is measured 2,600 metres height. Another thing people interested in seeing here is the observatory. This observatory has two telescopes to enjoy the views of the surrounding areas. This whole place is operated and maintained by the Tamilnadu tourism development corporation. In season time average visitors per day crosses 3000. If you are visiting Ooty then doddabetta is one of the must see spots.