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Ooty Flower Show 2016

The 120th edition Ooty flower show is concluded on sunday 29th may 2016. The organizers say this year flower show was a huge success. More than 1 lakh people visited the botanical garden to witness the flower show. It has been overly crowded during the weekend. The flower decorations were breathtaking and the Chennai central setting using the flowers was the major sight of this year. More than 3 lakh flowers been used for the show and 180 categories of flowers from around the world was showcased over the 3 days. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed the show. Even though the weather is little warmer during the day time it became milder as-usual to excite the tourists.

Photos from the show

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58th Annual Fruit Show Coonoor

58th annual fruit show which began on saturday 21st of May is a huge success. As usual the show was held in Coonoor Sims park. Thousands of visitors turned up to see the fruit show.

Some of the main attractions of the fruit show:

Exhibitors from about 10 districts participated in the show

Pineapple and orange made lighthouse is the major attraction

15 feet Boat made of grapes is a real treat

Kannagi Statue made with variety of fruits is must see

Dragons and buffalo made from fruits

Overall the fruit show is a huge success and visual treat for the visitors.

Ooty Cottages with Kitchen

People coming to Ooty prefer to stay in cottages for their flexibility and freedom. Cooking their own food is one of the freedom visitors enjoy by staying in cottages. Especially people with toddlers and folks follow very strong religious rules always prefer to cook by themselves. we have some good cottages providing kitchen facilities to visitors. Along with kitchen we also provide vessels and gas.But this extra facilities will be charged per day. We can also arrange cook to cook your food for you to enjoy your holiday.


Here is list of cottages with kitchen in Ooty

Ooty Summer Festival 2016 Update

Summer festival in Ooty is a very important event in Ooty’s calendar. The festival¬† attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country and also international visitors. The summer festival happens during the month of april and may every year. The festival includes events like flower show, dog show, vegetable show, fruit show, boat race and pageant show, spice show and cultural events.

Flower show

Flower show

But this year most of the shows are cancelled due to the local elections in Tamilnadu. But still few of them like flower show, fruit show and dog show are happening during this may.

The dates are ….


Flower Show – May 27th – 29th

Fruit Show – May 21st – May 22nd


Dog Show – May 14th