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3 Nice budget cottages in Ooty

Venus Cottages :

venus cottagesBeautiful Cozy cottage located close to the Ooty town centre. This cottage is easily reached by all modes of transport. Again just 10 minutes from the Ooty bus stand. Good facilities, friendly staff, comfortable rooms and budget rates make this cottage favorite among budget travelers. Room service is also available on request. Group stays can also be arranged in this cottage. Maximum number for group stay accommodation is 55.

Neil Resorts:

3-bedroom-cottages-ooty-1Located in lovedale junction, a quiet area in ooty. Beautiful cottage and offer views from all the rooms. Friendly hospitality, nice service and good parking facility are the major advantages of this cottage. 3 bedroom and 6 bedroom cottages are available here for group stay. All the rooms have balcony to sit and relax. Campfire facilities also provided here.

Rajesh Cottage:

Family Cottage Ooty FernhillSituated near the british club Ooty. This cottage offer fantastic views of the Ooty race course. Kitchen facility with campfire in the lawn is the highlight of this beautiful cottage. 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom cottages are available here. Maximum group accommodated here is 40.

Honeymoon Cottages Ooty

Honeymoon is a once in a life time event. Honeymoon need to be celebrated in calm and tranquil place. Its the beginning of life long journey for a man and woman together. Ooty  is long being popular honeymoon destination. Because of the weather, accommodation options, various attractions, romantic locations and easy access make Ooty favorite among honeymooners. Activities like boat ride , romantic walk in a pleasant weather, candle light dinner and happy shopping are available in Ooty for the honeymoon couples.

Apart from attractions and activities, the accommodation is one of the important aspect of honeymoon planning. In Ooty there are some beautiful cottages provide honeymoon accommodation with floral decorations, candle light dinner, sightseeing tours and private rooms. These honeymoon cottages are safe, friendly and peaceful. These cottages have the necessary facilities like TV, Hot water, Tub, Fireplace, Balcony, Heating and Room service to satisfy the needs of the honeymoon couples.

Here is the list of our featured honeymoon cottages in Ooty.

  1. West Nature Cottages
  2. Sun Park
  3. Kluney Manor
  4. Kings Cliff
  5. Red Hill

Beautiful Cottages in Ooty with views


Some of our cottages in Ooty are located in great areas. The best place for cottages to be located is on the hill to have fantastic views. We have a cottage exactly located in the top of a hill which offers beautiful views around the Ooty town. You can get the clean view of the racecourse from the garden. Nice garden, where you can sit and have the view for all day and not get bored. We also have volleyball court and children play area. Also the multi cuisine restaurant provide great food. Just come and take a peek at our property you will come again and again.

IMG_5326 IMG_5355


Ooty Cottages for family

Ooty is a fantastic family holiday destination. There are plenty of attractions where everyone on the family can enjoy. Places like botanical garden, lake, dinosaur park, rose garden, doddabetta and wax museum all are family friendly places. If you are traveling as a family group, your family needs privacy where you all can enjoy.

Family cottage Ooty

Family Cottage Ooty Fernhill

Our family cottages in Ooty are the perfect ones for large and medium group families. Our Cottages have enough space to accommodate everyone. Facilities like multiple bathrooms, kitchen, garden and children play area are the highlights of our cottages. Also the security persons can be arranged during your stay. So if you are traveling as a large family group to Ooty, just give us a call we can handle your accommodation options.

Stay in British Bungalows in Ooty

Before the independence of India, Ooty is occupied by british. British prefer Ooty for the weather and nature surrounding. They built cottages, mansions and villas during their stay. After the the independence they sold their properties to the locals and these properties are one of the highlights of Ooty. This beautiful cottages and mansions of british era now become holiday cottages. People coming to Ooty love to stay in this heritage cottages.

Country Tavern Ooty

Luxury British Cottage Ooty

Here at ootycottages, we help visitors to find this kind of vintage bungalows. To name a few Kings Cliff, Country Tavern, Kluney Manor, Bouganvilla and Sherlock are some of them. Also some group of cottages and luxury mansions become luxury hotels. Some big companies undertook those big palace and mansions to convert them into cosy star hotels. you can find some of the them in this Luxury hotels page.

Please give us a call or email us so that we can help you find british bungalows for your next stay in Ooty.

5 Reason to stay in Cottages in Ooty

1. Value for Money

Staying in Cottage is the cheapest option in Ooty. You can find different variety of cottages in different budgets. Cottages are budget friendly since the cottages are run by families and local people. Cottages are the ones dont have to pay the luxury tax, so its normal for cottages to be cheap. Also for the amount you are paying for cottages the facilities you get is equal to the luxury hotels. so staying in cottages worth your hard earned money.

2. Flexibility

In hotels and resorts there are rules and regulations you should follow. But in cottages its not that case. You are the boss around and you can do whatever you like do at any time. Again the things like campfire and music can be leisurely done in cottages which is not allowed in hotels.

3. Location Advantage

The hotels are not allowed to be built in jungle areas or in the middle of the tea plantation.
But the cottages and homestays are available in the jungle areas and plantations. THe location of the cottages are just perfect for enjoy the views and stay away from the town’s noise.

4. Home Like Feel

Unlike hotels or resorts, cottages will give home like environment for kids and families. They can freely roam around and enjoy the surroundings. Also some cottages comes with kitchen for you to enjoy home made food. It is very useful when you are travelling with toddlers.

5. Privacy

Last but the important part is the privacy you enjoy in cottages cannot found in hotels or
resorts, where its always crowded. In Cottages, you can do your own thing with your family
without spoiling your privacy. So the best accommodation for families and kids are to stay in Cottages when you go to Ooty.

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