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Katteri park in Coonoor

Katteri park is the well-known place in coonoor it is regarded as the best location for look at the blue mountain ranges from here. It is positioned about 6 km below Coonoor and also stretching over about 5.5 acres now takes up an established place in the development schedule of the division. The State Horticulture Farm, Kattery, Coonoor was founded during the year 1975-96. The seed products are dispersed to the little farmers as well as minimal farmers. During the time period of 1981–1988 the plantation is renamed has Vegetation and also Seeds Production Centre (PSPC). In the year 2011 Kattery Park was
recognized around 5.0 Acre (A-Block) with Children’s Entertainment Local park, Water Fountain, Gazebos, Lawns as well as and so on. The park is a cynosure of all the eyes throughout the Peak of summer time. The park was currently sporting a brightly coloured appearance and many vacationers were including it in their sight viewing programs. The park happens to be laid at three ranges which is often protected with ease along with the landscaping design has been completed without changing the natural structure. From a elevated section of the garden holidayers can take pleasure in the attractiveness of the Katteri river, the Runney mede station of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, and also undulating tea leaf landscapes. The park possesses a large collection in numerous type of flowering annuals, Shrubs, Cacti, Ornamental plants, Lawns as well as fresh fruit tree limbs such as Pear as well as Jack. The Highest temperature is 26 °C along with the minimum is 10°C The Relative Moisture is 60 to 75%. This park was fairly shielded by compound and partly, solar power as well as chain link, fencing. Commercial infrastructure amenities available in this park Canteen, Workplace, Employees Residences, Water Fountain, Parking Service is
established in the park to entertain the touring Public. Kattery Park is usually one among the pleasurable vacation places in Coonoor, The Nilgiris.

Getting Ready for Ooty Summer Season?


The busiest months for Ooty tourism is the summer months of April and May. Because of the hot summer people from across India come to Ooty to enjoy the mild weather and interesting summer festival happen here. The hill town is already preparing for the summer season; roads are being repaired, cottages and hotels are getting renovated, street lights are sorted, parking spaces are assigned and seeds are already planted for the flower show and new infrastructures are placed in many areas in Ooty. From seeing all these the visitors are in for a treat in the coming months. Weather as usual remain cold and flowers are blooming. Again another tourism season about to begin in the next 30 days and hope you all ready to rock the hill station once again.

Kurinji flower blooms in Ooty.

Kurinji, a flower known to bloom once in 12 years recently blooms in the hill station. The flower is sighted in a village called mullikkor, which is located around 25kms from the Ooty town. The flower is very special among locals and the flower is also called “neelakurinji”. “Neela” means blue colour in tamil language.The flower is mentioned in many ancient tamil literature including “Kuruntokai”

Floating restaurants coming to Ooty

Tourism Minister Mr.N Natarajan recently announced floating restaurants will be implemented in Ooty to attract more tourists to the hill town. Ooty is attracting thousands of visitors every year. Recent data showed the domestic and international visitors have increased this year. To attract even more numbers the state government announced the new attraction floating restaurant to Ooty. A very good news for the tourists.

Ooty Flower Show 2016

The 120th edition Ooty flower show is concluded on sunday 29th may 2016. The organizers say this year flower show was a huge success. More than 1 lakh people visited the botanical garden to witness the flower show. It has been overly crowded during the weekend. The flower decorations were breathtaking and the Chennai central setting using the flowers was the major sight of this year. More than 3 lakh flowers been used for the show and 180 categories of flowers from around the world was showcased over the 3 days. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed the show. Even though the weather is little warmer during the day time it became milder as-usual to excite the tourists.

Photos from the show

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Horticultural Research Station, Ooty

Established in the year 1988. This Research station is opened to develop new production technology among temperate fruits. Alod this station helps in developing new species for farmers to increase their income. Apart from this the important task is to implement oraganic farming among farmers. Another objective of the station is to control disease among hill crops. The main crops of this station is Potato, Cabbage, carrot, Beans, Medicinal/aromatic plants, Cut flowers and mushroom. The station also have following departments Horticulture, Agricultural Entomology, Plant Pathology
and Plant Nematology. They also have a well managed lab for idenfication of pests and diseases.

Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor, Ooty

It is a Non-profit charitable organisation working in the production of antirabies vaccine. This Institute is started in the year 1907 and brought under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 1977. The Institute is recognized by Dr. M. G. R. Medical University and by the Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. The Institute has a large library with thousands of books and journals. It is also one of the best libraries in South India. Visitors need a special permission to visit this institute and it is close to the famous SIMS Park.

The Radio Astronomy Centre (RAC), Ooty.

Located in beautiful place, this research centre is the part of the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). This research centre is doing research on radio astronomy and astrophysics. The centre is working for more than 40 years and has produced many important astronomical results. Every year this research centre is visited by many schools, colleges and public interested in astronomy and astrophysics. RAC is also offering research trainee positions for engineering background students.

Wellington Gymkhana Club Golf Course

It is one of the oldest golf clubs in India. Established in the year 1873. Located 6000 feet above the sea level and just 30kms away from Ooty town. This place is very beautiful since many people from abroad prefer to visit the club. The club is located in the military area and having facilities like bars, restaurants and cottages. Apart from golf the club has facilities to play tennis, billiards and cards. The club is affiliated to various clubs across India and also to stoke park club, England. One of the must go place in Ooty for golf lovers.

Summer in Ooty

Ooty is the best summer destination in South India. People come to Ooty from all parts of India to enjoy the nature and the weather. Ooty is considered by many because of easy transport options and accommodation facilities. Apart from these, there are wide range of attractions to mesmerize people. Then the weather during the summer is perfect shelter for people struggling in hot sun. Though there are many hillstations in South India but still Ooty is unique and popular.

During the summer months of April and May it is crowded with all kinds of visitors. Even the traffic in the mountain route is jammed and people need to wait for hours to reach the town. Accommodation facilities are jam packed and the rates are sky rocketing. Restaurants and tourist attractions are full of people and create festival atmosphere around the town. Taxis and jeeps were running everywhere with people for sightseeing. Its all fun for the new comers to the Ooty.

Then the summer festival which is the main attraction for the crowd. Summer festival includes several exciting events like flower show, fruit show, boat race, dog show and cultural events. These events are one of the best in the category across India. The flower show is world renown and Ooty is housefull during flower show times. Its hard to find accommodation during these summer festivals.

Activities like boating, horse riding, fishing and trekking will be organised during the summer. People in groups participate and enjoy the activities. Places like race course and golf course are another areas where you find loads of people. Huge business for holiday properties in Ooty. Overall its party time in Ooty during the summer. But every year summer Ooty is getting little more dirtier.