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Visit Ooty during school quarterly holidays !

Ooty September

Ooty September

In Tamilnadu and the neighboring states, the month of September is known for quarterly exams in schools and followed by 10 days holiday. In Ooty the September is the month of second season with fantastic weather brace the hill station. Many frequent visitors to Ooty know this is the best time to visit Ooty. The greenery and flowers blooms across the hills with slight drizzle now and then and the chilly mornings makes this as a perfect time for a family holiday. Also the accommodation rates are flexible during this time. So quarterly holidays in September is the best time to visit Ooty and enjoy the nature’s paradise. Activities like cycling, horse riding, long drive in the car, boating and strolling along the parks can be done during this time of the year. What are you waiting for book your rooms and visit Ooty during this quarterly holidays.

Camping in Ooty

Ooty is a fantastic summer holiday destination, with all those attractions, forests and wildlife the Ooty keep draws in visitors from all over the world. Wide open green areas and grasslands it is a dream destination for outdoor lovers. Summer is the best time for adventure activity in Ooty. Camping is another growing popular activity in Ooty. Staying in a tent and enjoy the nature surroundings is one of the best experience. Quality tents, beautiful surroundings, great weather are just some of the advantages of camping holiday in Ooty. Many companies including us providing camping accommodation in Ooty. Please call us (91595 36123) to book your camping holiday in Ooty.

Getting Ready for Ooty Summer Season?


The busiest months for Ooty tourism is the summer months of April and May. Because of the hot summer people from across India come to Ooty to enjoy the mild weather and interesting summer festival happen here. The hill town is already preparing for the summer season; roads are being repaired, cottages and hotels are getting renovated, street lights are sorted, parking spaces are assigned and seeds are already planted for the flower show and new infrastructures are placed in many areas in Ooty. From seeing all these the visitors are in for a treat in the coming months. Weather as usual remain cold and flowers are blooming. Again another tourism season about to begin in the next 30 days and hope you all ready to rock the hill station once again.

Tour of Nilgiris

Tour of Nilgiris (TFN) is one of the popular bike (cycle) tours in India. The tour covers 800 kms across the most scenic routes of South india. The bikers ride across Nagarhole, Wayanad and Mudumalai. All of the them are wildlife sanctuaries and the journey test the bikers physical and mental fitness.The tour starts in Bangalore and ends in Coimbatore.The duration of the tour is 9 days and currently running its 10th (2017) year successfully.This year registration starts on May 1st 2017 9AM

Fore more info visit

Ooty in December

During the months of December and January Ooty is very cold and a perfect season to enjoy the crowd less Ooty. The sight seeing places are less crowded, no long queues and not much traffic around the town are the best things for a visitor. Though it is very cold and temperatures are going down to -2’c, It is very pleasant during the day time with gentle breeze and dull sun shine makes perfect for outdoor activities. Another thing is the flowers are in full bloom across the hill station which is stunning to see.

Ooty - December

Activities like boating, horse riding, cycling and jeep safari are best during this time. Rates are cheaper and less crowd makes even more better time. Accommodation charges also cheaper during the December. A 2 bedroom cottage will cost rupees 5000/- during the season time and same cottage will cost only rupees 2000/- during the december. It is the best time for honeymooners to come to Ooty.

Even in December the Christmas and New year days the rates are little higher due to the festival crowd. So if you are planning a holiday to Ooty on December, its a perfect time with extra chill to enjoy Ooty. Don’t miss it .

Ooty Weekend Break

Ooty is a perfect place for weekend break. Ooty can be covered and enjoy the most of the town in couple of days. Ooty is located in great place so that it can be reached in all kinds of transport. Good transport facilities and good roads make weekend breaks possible. Ooty can accessed from cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Tirupur and Wayanad for weekend. All this cities are not very far and have all the road access to reach Ooty in few hours time. People from this cities can enjoy weekend breaks in Ooty.

Many travel agencies and tour operators in this cities arrange quick solutions for weekend Breaks. Accommodation and Travels can booked in short time. So that the travel to ooty in short notice is possible. Car ride is also possible because of good roads from all the near by towns and cities. And again commercial vehicle tourist tax is low compare to elsewhere in South India.

Most of the sightseeing places in Ooty are closer and can be seen in 2 days. Taxis and jeeps are available in good number for sight seeing trips. Facilities like restaurants, banks and hospitals are there for the time of need. Whatver your motive of travel, either sightseeing or a relaxing weekend break Ooty is perfect for that. And most importantly Ooty is one of the cheapest place for weekend break in India. What are you waiting for pack the bags for next weekend.

Summer in Ooty

Ooty is the best summer destination in South India. People come to Ooty from all parts of India to enjoy the nature and the weather. Ooty is considered by many because of easy transport options and accommodation facilities. Apart from these, there are wide range of attractions to mesmerize people. Then the weather during the summer is perfect shelter for people struggling in hot sun. Though there are many hillstations in South India but still Ooty is unique and popular.

During the summer months of April and May it is crowded with all kinds of visitors. Even the traffic in the mountain route is jammed and people need to wait for hours to reach the town. Accommodation facilities are jam packed and the rates are sky rocketing. Restaurants and tourist attractions are full of people and create festival atmosphere around the town. Taxis and jeeps were running everywhere with people for sightseeing. Its all fun for the new comers to the Ooty.

Then the summer festival which is the main attraction for the crowd. Summer festival includes several exciting events like flower show, fruit show, boat race, dog show and cultural events. These events are one of the best in the category across India. The flower show is world renown and Ooty is housefull during flower show times. Its hard to find accommodation during these summer festivals.

Activities like boating, horse riding, fishing and trekking will be organised during the summer. People in groups participate and enjoy the activities. Places like race course and golf course are another areas where you find loads of people. Huge business for holiday properties in Ooty. Overall its party time in Ooty during the summer. But every year summer Ooty is getting little more dirtier.

Ooty in a Day !

So many people ask this question, is it possible to see Ooty in a day ? the answer is; it is not possible to see everything in Ooty in a day. But you can see the important places in a day. Here is the plan for seeing Ooty in a day.

Lets start by 8am, the first place to see is the Ooty lake. you should atleast have 2 hours to see the beauty of the lake and enjoy a boat ride. Then spend some time go horse ride and see those small museums near the lake.

By the time you finish enjoying the Ooty lake the time is already 10 or 10:30 go to Doddabetta next and again you need 2 hours for travel and see the highest peak in Ooty called Doddabetta. The time is 12 noon or 12:30 pm when you are finishing the Doddabetta trip. Next pop in to the wax museum. You need an hour to see this museum. A small fee is collected for entry.

After that take your lunch and now the time should be 2:30 pm. Just visit the rose garden or shooting point it will roughly takes an hour to see. Then you can go to the famous botanical garden. You need hours of time to see the whole garden. But according to plan you should spend 2 or 3 hours there and enjoy a relaxing time. Oh we come to end of the day tour of Ooty. Now the time is 5:30 or 6 pm. We have done it ! We almost covered the major sightseeing places in Ooty in a day. There are some other places are there to see but it will take another day.