Campfire in Ooty

Campfire area

Travelling to Ooty as group is always a fantastic experience. Singing and dancing along the hill roads and seeing those breathtaking views is once in a lifetime experience. After a day long sightseeing in Ooty, everybody like to have some fun. Having nice hot meals outside in the chill weather with friends is a wonderful touch. The real part of the fun in groupstay is having the campfire. These always happens with college and school groups even with corporate groups. Sitting around the camp fire with music and enjoying with your loved ones is always a sweet time. Those dances during the campfire and sharing a special moment with the loved ones is the part of the whole experience. There are some restrictions for camp fire in Ooty. You should not have campfire after 9pm to protect wildlife.Apart from this you can enjoy a heartful camp fire in Ooty.