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MountView is a 10 Bedroom Colonial architecture Cottage located in the placid land, in between the Ooty’s high hill stations and plantation sites adds a unique kind of charm to this villa, Mount views sight. Constructed at the peak of a hill, around a few minutes’ walk from the road, Mount view presents a 360-degree …

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Yantra leisures

Yantra Leisure is a 22 bedroom bungalow located artistically, Yantra Leisure, a captivating, craftsperson-inspired villa that has a warm soft brownish rooftop with rose undertones for the perfect combination. This is Ideally best for a group of the family together as not all other villas have guest rooms or television, colors of the bedroom are …

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Golden cypress

Golden Cypress is a 4bhk entire villa Location, constructed amidst a lush green area having a neighbourhood of Ooty plantation sites, however, its roof has something charming that makes it unique in its own way. Varnished freshly with white paint and a red-tiled roof enhances the beauty, dim lights in the night make this villa …

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