Fishing in Ooty

Fishing is a popular Ooty past-time and avid anglers enjoy fishing at the town's various lakes, streams and waterways. Fishing licences are necessary and can be obtained from the Assistant Director of Fishery Department.

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake is an important tourism destination in Ooty.Tourists visiting the lake can also engage themselves in Trout fishing. A trout hatchery is established near the lake, from where visitors can get fishing rods and other fishing accessories required for trout fishing. One of the best places for fishing in Ooty.

Wilson Trout Fishing farm

The Wilson Trout Fishing farm at Ooty is a lesser known destination.The place is extremely beautiful.The place is desolate and is inhabited by wildlife.

Pykara lake

It’s a nice, clean huge lake and worth visiting. the lake is located just outside the city it’s comparatively less crowded and makes for a good fishing spot.

Mudumalai River Fishing

The Mudumalai River is where your fishing dreams come true. And when you fish here, you will return home with the satisfaction of having experienced the best fishing.