Independent Cottages , Ooty

During the summer months, The town Ooty is crowded with tourists. And getting accommodation for budget rates is very difficult. Local Ooty people rent their spare rooms as holiday cottages. Some houses and villas owned by private parties rent our their peoperties as holiday cottages for the visitors.

This independent cottages are good for budget traveller since the rates are cheap and homely stay. The cottages are well maintianed and secured. It is perfect for family and students groups. Also facilities like TV, Hot water and lawn are the added advantage. Privacy and views are the ones the visitors seeking from this type of independent cottages.

The independent cottages comes with 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. Even some bigger cottages comes with 5 and six bedrooms suitable for large groups. Normally the cottage managers arrange for food and sightseeing. This type of cottages are owned by private person living abroad or far away places from Ooty. They come and visit the cottage once in a while.

Many independent cottages are available in Ooty. But we have to find the right for our budget and needs. This cottages are perfect for camp fire and music nights. But the important thing about this cottages are we need to keep the things in the property safe. Something happened to the things in the peoperty we need to pay extra cash for the things.