Jungle Stays near Ooty

Ooty , one of the major tourist destinations for south Indians. Ooty is famous for its beautiful landscapes, mild weather, flower show, mountain rail and jungle. Since it is a hill station many people come here for summer vacations. The most popular activities include boating in the lake, visit botanical garden, mountain train ride and wildlife watching in mudumalai. Jungle safaris are one of the most popular activities for youth coming here. Ooty is surrounded by dense forest and this forest is home for much wildlife. Every year, many tourist visits mudumalai and masinagudi near Ooty for jungle safaris. Animals like Elephant, Tiger, Deer, Bear, Leopard, wild dogs and buffalos can be easily spotted during the safaris.

Mudumalai :

Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary is located 50 kms away from Ooty on the Mysore road. It can be reached by Government and private Buses and other vehicles. It can be reached either by kalhatty road or cudalore road. Though kalhatty road is short, it is a dangerous route. It has lot of curves and har-pin bends in the road. Cudalore road is little long but safe to travel. The approx time taken from Ooty to mudumalai is one and half hour. Because of the tiger population; from the year 2007 the mudumalai wild life sanctuary becomes tiger reserve. Animals like Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Jungle cat, leopard cat, Dhole, the Striped Hyena, the Golden Jackal, Sloth Bear, Elephants, Langur, Gaur, Sambar deer, Chital deer, giant squirrel, flying squirrel, pythons, variety of birds and much more spices are living in this sanctuary. Tamilnadu forest department is organizing elephant and van safari inside the jungle for the awareness of eco tourism. Apart from jungle safari, you can enjoy visiting nearby elephant feeding camp, moyar river and kalhatty water falls. There are some private jungle cottages and resorts are available to stay in the jungle. Government is also having guest houses in the jungle and renting it for accommodation for the visitors.

Masinagudi :

Another jungle area; where people come to stay and enjoy wildlife near Ooty. Masinagudi is another 20 kms from mudumalai on the mysore road. It is a tourist paradise with so many resorts and cottages available for stay in the jungle. People from neighbouring states like Karnataka and kerala come here for weekend stay. Masinagudi is surrounded by greenish forest with small rivers and ponds. The best time to visit masinagudi is during the monsoon season. Private jeep safaris are available to go in to jungle for wildlife spotting. Many popular hotel and resorts groups are having their property here to entertain the visitors. These resorts are offering cottages, huts, tree houses and tents for visitors to stay.

Overall mudumalai and masinagudi are the best places to stay in the jungle. To find accommodation near mudumalai and masinagudi; visit http://www.masingudiresorts.com.