Ketti , Ooty

A small village located in Nilgiri Hills. It is known for its valley views. Ketti valley view is one of the popular tourist spot here. Ketti valley view is also considered as one of the biggest valleys in the world. The local economy is depends on the tourism, tea and industrial establishments. The major industries are the needle factory and the mushroom factory.

Ketti and ketti montain rail junction is famous for film shoots. Popular movies like moondram pirai, paneer pushpangal and sadma has been shot here. Educational institutions like CSI Engineering college and Laidlaw memorial school are doing education services in Ketti.

The people living here are badugas and tamils. Badaga and tamil are the most spoken language here in Ketti. Agriculture and rearing livestock are the major work for men. Ketti is one of the scenic places in Nilgiri hills and should not be missed.