Kurumbas Ooty

The Kurumbas is a tribal individuals who exists in the Nilgiri hills.The tribe is separated into a few groups. The most well known gathering are called Alu Kurumbas.Traditionally, the Kurumba were seekers and gatherers who additionally developed little plots of foods grown from the ground. The present day Kurumba acquires a living fundamentally from working in the plantation.The Kurumbas possess the thickly forested inclines, glens, and foothills of the Nilgiri hills.This Kurumba tribe have been best known for their demonstrations of sorcery.since the Kurumba are viewed as "tribals" by the Indian government, they consequently meet all requirements for school grants and little business credits. These Kurumba tribes have their unique society, convention, religious traditions and social practices. The Kurumba gathering is one of the retrogressive tribes of the nation with no availability to current conveniences. Greatest of these Kurumba tribes are illiterate people and extremely poor.kurumba tribes have had an accommodative association with alternate tribes. With them, these Kurumba tribes used to trade administrations and products.