Man – Tiger Conflict in Ooty

Recently a tiger has been shot dead in Ooty. The tiger has been shot because it became a man eater and killed 3 people from Ooty. How did this happen ? why a tiger need to jump into the settlements? What is reason for tigers becoming man eaters ? so many questions has been unanswered. Recent times so many wild animals come in to the town and causing danger to human life. Normally the tiger lives inside the deep forest and afraid to enter the region where the humans live. The surrounding area to Ooty is dense forest formed by the western ghats mountians which is home to many wildlife including tigers. Again the Ooty also borders with the Mudumalai tiger reserve.

Recent past one or two tigers has been caught or killed every 3 months. It is because of tigers coming to the settlement areas like gudalur, doddabetta, kalhatty and masinagudi. The wildlife experts were saying this is because of people started to grab the tigers land. So many resorts and holiday homes were built inside the jungle area to enjoy wildlife. In the past governement also gave permission to property owners to built their properties in many buffer zones. The people staying close to jungle started to disturb the wild animals by going safaris and trekking inside the jungle. These cause a disturbance to the normal life of the tigers.

Then again the poachers and illegal hunters chasing the tigers from their natural home. Another reason is tigers travel long distance for finding water during the summer season. One side the tiger population is growing in india and another side tigers are getting killed for entering the human settlements. This will not end soon unless goverment take necessary action.