Ooty Bus Stand

The most serene locations of Ooty really make it glitter among all other hill stations in South India. Unplanned vacation in Ooty can also make days that fetch you the soul happiness and calm. Transportation is not a serious issue in Ooty though the buses are needed to move along the roads having the deeper hairpin bends and steep roads.

Neat place

In Ooty, the usage of plastic carry bags has been strictly banned in order to maintain the tidy environment. The place makes the direct implementations of any kind of man made activities on the natural fauna and flora. By giving more stress to the fact, Government of Tamilnadu has taken many conservative steps in order to keep up the pride and prestige of the place further. Experience the true breathe of the wild trees and plants found everywhere dumping the thickest forests.

Highly facilitated

Ooty bus stand possesses 10 platforms as a total that obviously serve buses to different districts like Erode, Coimbatore, Salem and so on. Apart from above, the bus stand holds few more rows that would release the local town buses. The bus stand purely located at the distance reachable to the Ooty railway station and the routes are continuously provided with enough transportation facilities. Small tea stalls usually found at this place treat its customers with the purest tea dust obtained naturally from tea estates.

Tourists would find many shopping centres nearby the bus stand selling the home care craft items. Handlooms and Handycrafts are sold in different shops around the main bus stand in Ooty even at the rates that would match the preferences of the tourists.

Accommodations nearby

The hill queen would receive the enthusiastic people from different corners of the country and hence many of the restaurants found here would contain mandatory menus that are followed in different locations. Luxury hotels and star hotels are found nearby the Ooty bus stand ensuring the royal treatments by fetching them unique provisions inbuilt. These accommodation facilities lying nearer to the bus stand would make business people and tourists to get the necessary boarding when necessary.