Ooty Lake

Enjoy the incredible natural commitments in Ooty in different forms like plants, flowers, animals, tourist spots and more. Lakes are the most cheerful places where tourists get more chances to mingle with the nature. An appreciable area of 65 Acres is occupied by this artificially made Lake as well. In the year 1973, Tamilnadu Tourist Department took responsibility to take care of the Ooty Lake.

Proper maintenance

Rain drops and the water coming from different mountain routes reach this artificially made lake. Considerable quantity of water flow prevails at this Lake always regardless of seasons. The Ooty Lake at present is a part of the original area of the Lake hence it has been shrunk by many other transport services. Every day, Ooty Lake seems to be dumped with tourists hence the cleanliness of the place speaks more about it than mouths. Regularly the Lake is maintained well by prompt removal of unwanted plants present in the back water of the Lake is done to keep the place clean and attractive.

Boating facilities

Different kinds of boats are available to have the joyful rides handled by highly skilled men rowing. All the boats that are worked at this are kept new in order to have smooth locomotion against water. Stubborn well finished boats found here would carry as much passengers that it could but not even one excess beyond the actual holding capacity of the boats. During Summer, the Lake gets activated even more than usual by means of initiating several boat pageantry competitions. Pedal boats are the best options to enjoy the most but also risky in case of reaching the middle of the Lake, which would be deeper than other parts of the Lake. These days motor boats are becoming very popular for its prompt services.

Restaurants nearby

The Lake possesses a lot of hotels and restaurants nearby which could engage tourists within their expected budgets. Usually tourists prefer to stay at the Ooty Lake for longer period since it is fully equipped with all the possible amenities that are usually preferred.