Ooty Railway Station

Ooty is a soothing place for people belong to different locations in and around Tamil nadu in order get protected from summer heat. The mountain train in Ooty is very smooth to have the wonderful journey throughout. Railway station in Ooty is found be easily reached from any part of the city though timely transportation facilities. The Railway station of Uthagamand is a terminus and is one of the parts of the most heritage Nilgiri mountain railway.

In between sub stations

The train usually crosses 208 curves, 16 tunnels and so on during its locomotion towards Ooty and it starts from Mettupalayam (Coimbatore). By moving in the up hills, down hills and in the steepest tracks, the train seems to be very important to be maintained time to time. The following are some of the sub stations.

Kallar station

Kallar is the first station reached by the train and it is 8 Km away and it is the place where the rail route begins.

Adderly station

It is found to be reached at the 13th Kilo meter from the boarding place and it contains a water stop during the journey.

Hillgrove station

The station is nearly 18 Km away from the boarding point and the passengers would get refreshments and water at this point.

Coonoor station

The place is truly 28 Km away from start and it is the prime station in between Mettupalayam and Ooty. Here the train is thoroughly checked and the locomotive is changed from steam to diesel for almost all of the Ooty trains.

Ketti station

When the train reaches nearly 42 Km, Ketti railway station is reached which is the most effective place in Ooty that drags nearly half of the visitors through its personified girlish beauty as well. This place is followed by Lovedale station that in turn would connect the train with Ooty station at final.

Online ticket booking

Enjoying Nilgiri mountain rail is very easier in all the seasons but the train fills very faster during summer. Prior online ticket booking is highly preferred among the passengers for the joyful journey at the toy train.