Ooty Season

Season months of April and May are the best time to visit Ooty. It is because of so many colorful events happen during those times. Summer months of April and may are considered as season months. Because of hot sun people come to ooty to enjoy the cold weather. Apart from the weather the attractions in Ooty and the events attract more visitors to Ooty.

Season times have family friendly events like flower show, dog show and fruit show which are complete fun for whole family. Then again the activities like boating, horse riding and ride in mountain rail are fabulous entertainment.Youths are attracted to horse racing and goMad music festival. These events only happen in season months of April and May.

Goverment sponsored cultural shows are another major visitor attraction. These shows exhibit local culture and heritage to the visitors. Overall the season times are the best for people to come down to ooty and enjoy. Mark April and May in your calender for a Ooty trip.