Our Thrilling Journey from Ooty to Masinagudi

Some tourist guide in Ooty suggested us to visit a place called Masinagudi. It is a popular place for sighting wild animals. It is roughly 60kms from Ooty town. We started our journey from Ooty at morning 7am and we learned there are two routes to masinagudi from Ooty. one is through kalhatty and another one is through gudalur. Kalhatty route is shorter but little risky because of lot of hair-pin bends. we prefer the risky route and to our surprise there are more hair-pin bends than we expected. It is really dangerous road to drive. We spotted monkeys, deers and some birds on the way. We also saw a car lost control and banged on the rock. Sad sight to see.

Finally we reached the downhill and drove towards masinagudi. The either side of the road is forest. we were eagerly looking to spot any wild animals. Finally we managed to see deers crossing the road, then there is an Elephant standing inside the forest. We dont see anything like tiger or leopard. But the overall journey is very thrilling and entertaining. we are hoping to do it again to spot a tiger. We also stayed in a resort in Masinagudi. It is an another experience to stay in a jungle in the night.