Picnic Spots in Ooty

Ooty is a great outdoor destination. If the weather is fine then Ooty has so many places to go for picnic. You can do variety of activities in Ooty. Here in this page we introduce the outdoor activity places in Ooty to go for picnic.

Botanical garden

A perfect place for family outing. A big garden with lots of greenery. Large groups can gather together to enjoy. Loads of plants and flowers to make the place attractive. Normally people play group games like hide and seek and anything to do with running. A small entry fee is collected to enter the park. Overall this place is a complete package for outdoor fun.


Another beautiful place in Ooty. Though it is little far away from Ooty town, still it is the best place to go for enjoy outdoor activities. Surrounding areas to avalanche has lot of greenery and not to forget the emerald lake. Cycling, trekking, fishing and climbing are the popular activities here. Again the late evening bon fire is best with groups.

Boat House

Ooty lake boat house is the most popular place in Ooty. Boating is the popular activity here. Small park in the banks of the lake is the best place to get a bit of sunshine. small fun park with swings are available nearby for kids.Horse riding is the popular activity near the lake.

Shooting Spot

Shooting spot Ooty is a large greenery area with brilliant views. This place is used for film shootings thats where the name comes from. Relaxing and horse riding is the popular activity here. One of the best places to have some fun as a group.


Highest peak in Ooty. The place offer great views of the nilgiri hills. The surrounding area is dense forest and home for many wild animals. not a best place to go with kids but one of the best places for adults.