Runnymede station attracts more tourist in Ooty

Introduction of brand new coaches unique trains as well as setting up of museums and also renovation of the stations which are pit stops for vacationist and would provide a wonderful views of the Blue Hills. The NMR is attempting to draw vacationers all ove the world, in recent times the  Runnymede station at a cost of 10lakh. The station has beautiful Instagram deserving frames or just to take in the cool air from the Ghats. The Runnymede station which wore run-down search for almost a decade was lately renovated which adds to the elegance of the journey uphill. Tourist are taking pleasure in the new look of the Runnymede station along with the scenic views. NMR attracts more holidaymaker more recently studentd show a great deal intrest in taking the mountain train which was not happening earlier important thanks to the special amenities.