Summer in Ooty

Ooty is the best summer destination in South India. People come to Ooty from all parts of India to enjoy the nature and the weather. Ooty is considered by many because of easy transport options and accommodation facilities. Apart from these, there are wide range of attractions to mesmerize people. Then the weather during the summer is perfect shelter for people struggling in hot sun. Though there are many hillstations in South India but still Ooty is unique and popular.

During the summer months of April and May it is crowded with all kinds of visitors. Even the traffic in the mountain route is jammed and people need to wait for hours to reach the town. Accommodation facilities are jam packed and the rates are sky rocketing. Restaurants and tourist attractions are full of people and create festival atmosphere around the town. Taxis and jeeps were running everywhere with people for sightseeing. Its all fun for the new comers to the Ooty.

Then the summer festival which is the main attraction for the crowd. Summer festival includes several exciting events like flower show, fruit show, boat race, dog show and cultural events. These events are one of the best in the category across India. The flower show is world renown and Ooty is housefull during flower show times. Its hard to find accommodation during these summer festivals.

Activities like boating, horse riding, fishing and trekking will be organised during the summer. People in groups participate and enjoy the activities. Places like race course and golf course are another areas where you find loads of people. Huge business for holiday properties in Ooty. Overall its party time in Ooty during the summer. But every year summer Ooty is getting little more dirtier.