Tea Estate Cottages & Bungalows in Ooty

Tea Estate Cottages & Bungalows,

Cottages or bungalows located in the middle of the tea plantation is called tea estate cottages. There are plenty of these cottages located in ooty and the surrounding areas. Normally these cottages are nestled amidst a private tea plantation. Facilities like heating, hot water, kitchen with cook, care taker, sight seeing guide and taxis are available in tea estate cottages.

Wildlife like Buffalo, deer , bear and elephants can be sighted near the cottages. Adventure activities rock climbing, trekking, fishing, cycling and bird watching can be arranged on prior notice.Spending time with local community of tea estate workers is another interesting activity for the poeple coming here. Near by waterfall and lake are the places where most of the times being spent.

List of Tea Estate Cottages in Ooty and Surrounding Areas