Things to do in Ooty

Boating in Ooty Lake

Boating in the chill weather is an awesome experience. People want to kill heat and enjoy the cool weather in Ooty. Boating is the perfect answer for the people needs. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountians and large trees. The breeze from the mountains and trees keep the whole lake in feasible weather. Boats with drivers and self driven boats both are available to rent. People can rent boats for hourly rates. The rental price is cheap and anyone can take the boat ride. It is completly safe and the safety measures by the goverment is appreciatable. Boating is the number one activity for people coming to Ooty. THe boating area is managed by the tourist department.

Mountain Train Ride.

Ooty has the world famous mountain rail. The mountian train journey is one of the interesting experiences. The train journey is not more than 3 hours and run across mettupalayam and Ooty stations. The whole journey is breathtaking, since the train runs across vintage bridges, small streams and beatiful water falls. This train journey is once in a lifetime experience and recommeded for whole family.

Jungle safari in Mudumalai.

Mudumalai is the most popular wildlife sanctuary in South India. It is 108 sq.KM national park which is home for many wildlife. Elephants, Tigers, Sloth bears, Leopards, wild dogs, lankurs, deers and variety of birds are found large in number. Located 35kms away from Ooty. Goverment is organising elephant and jeep safaris inside the jungle. People sight wild animals during those safaris. The safari is a thrilling experience to take part.

Summer Festival at various venues.

Every year during the the month of May, the tourism department and the local government organize various events under the banner summer festival. The events include flower show, Rose show, Fruit show, Dog show, Spice show, Vegetable show, Boat race, boat pageantry and cultural events. These events are spectacular and attract huge crowds. If you are in Ooty on summer dont miss these events.

Trekking in Avalanche.

Avalanche is one of the beautiful places in Ooty. Located 25kms away from the town cetre. This beautiful area is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and romantic lake. The place is trekkers haven. Need special permission to get inside avalanche. There are some resorts inside to stay and enjoy the nature's beauty.

goMAD Festival at fernhill

It is an annual festival of arts and dance. THe festival is for 3 days and held at the background of beautiful fernhill palace. All sorts of tranditional and contemporary music will be played by new faces and the well known artists from India and abroad. One of the brilliant festivals of this kind. for more info visit